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  • Return to Aten

    Lydia Toupin

    After eight years of other work in other places, I have returned to Aten Design Group as the resident Studio Manager. I have a bit of a different role this time, and while there’s plenty of new responsibilities, there’s a lot of work I’ve been able to jump right back into, too. The team has gotten bigger, Denver is awesome, and I’m excited to be back.

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  • DrupalCon Austin: Call for Sessions

    Ken Woodworth

    DrupalCon Austin is fast approaching. There are already a huge number of session submissions (152 at my last count!) but there's always room for more. We're fortunate to have four folks from the Aten team helping with session selection. Here's what they're hoping to see from each of their tracks:

  • Women in Tech: Keep Showing Up

    Sandra Chung

    Not long ago, I went to a Denver area Drupal meetup. When it was my turn to introduce myself to the group I announced my name, took a look around the room and blurted out “... and I’m the only woman here.” I immediately felt weird about saying that out loud. But I’m glad I did. Why? It’s complicated.

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