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  • Design for Drupal, Boston 2012

    John Ferris

    Last weekend, Ken and I headed to MIT for the 4th annual Design for Drupal Boston—one of the few Drupal camps geared specifically toward design and front-end development. As is typical with Drupal Camps, we got to meet and share with a lot of new faces, all with a passion for Drupal and design. It was also the first opportunity for Ken and myself to present two new sessions we've been working on, both of which revolve around the processes we use daily here at Aten.

  • Defining Design

    Ken Woodworth

    The time of Designers handing off full page comps is long gone. As front-end development shifts to more modular approaches, designers must change their processes to better collaborate in this new ecosystem. How does a designer ensure front-end developers carry through those important details that make a design unique? Being able to define — in concrete terms — the details that make up a design is key to successfully implementing that design.

  • Vertical Rhythm with Compass

    John Ferris

    Vertical rhythm and baseline grids are age old tools used by designers to help aid the placement of content within a layout. This post is focused on the 'how' not so much the why. If you don't know the 'why' I highly suggest checking out the following resources.

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