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  • Better Timelines: Using Monte Carlo Analyses for Digital Projects

    Andy Walters

    "When will it be done?" As a digital project manager, I hear this all the time. While it's a perfectly reasonable question, the problem is I don't have a crystal ball, and I also want to set expectations properly. By using a Monte Carlo analysis to project a timeline, I can spark an important dialogue about resourcing and risk, as opposed to the one-way conversation that often occurs with a flat timeline.

  • How to Build Adaptive Teams with Retrospectives

    Andy Walters

    If your team isn’t doing retrospectives regularly, here’s what happens: at the end of the project, you gather your team to select, debate, and document the hard-won lessons you learned throughout the course of the work. Fantastic! Insights are mined and polished, and everyone leaves the meeting feeling cathartic. But what happens next? Before you begin your next project, are you likely to pore over the lessons? Frame and hang them above your cubicles? If your team is like mine, probably not — we’re busy.

  • Being Agile vs Doing Agile

    Monica Quintana

    Agile is gaining popularity with many agencies and large corporations as a means to become more efficient in the software development lifecycle and increase client satisfaction. Agile efficiency comes from reducing waste, mitigating risks early on, delivering working software quickly, and adapting to ever-changing requirements at the drop of a dime.

  • Aten's Going to BADCamp!

    Lydia Toupin

    Once again we have the privilege of sponsoring an amazing Drupal event. In just two weeks several members of the Aten Design Group team will be joining the Drupal crowd in Berkeley, California, for BADCamp 2012 sessions and summits! We are looking forward to reconnecting with Drupal friends and colleagues, sharing some of what we’ve been working on, and hearing what others have been up to as well. And... Aten is hiring!