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  • Drupal 8 Migration with Multiple Paragraph References

    Joel Steidl

    Recently, I ran into an issue migrating Paragraph Entities (Entity Reference Revisions) that had a few open core bugs and it ended up being really simple to solve within prepareRow in the source plugin. It will be nice when the migration_lookup plugin can properly handle this use case, but it’s a good thing to understand how prepareRow can provide flexibility.

  • Using BrowserSync with Drupal 8

    John Ferris

    TL;DR: Just here for Browsersync setup? Skip to the steps.

    I’m always looking for ways to reduce the time between saving a file and seeing changes on the screen.

    When I first started working with Drupal, back in the day, I would ftp changes to a server and refresh the page. Once I found Transmit, I could mount a remote directory locally and automatically save files to the server. At the time, my mind was blown by the efficiency of it. In hindsight, it seems so archaic.

  • JavaScript Logging with a bit of Sanity

    Rob Ballou

    Browsers have come a long way in giving web developers a set of useful tools for debugging JavaScript (JS): gone are the days of littering alert() statements throughout your code. We now have inspectors, debuggers, and other tools that make things much easier. And you've probably encountered console.log and the power of JS consoles. This can provide some good insight into what's going on with your code, but there is a catch.