A Place to Grow. A Place to Give.

Ryan Kois

Next to reason, cooperation is the most admirable characteristic of the human being. My pursuits in web development have been a constant source of affirmation in the power of cooperation. From the open-source software that I use daily, to the local Drupal community that has welcomed me, cooperation has become a great source of personal inspiration.

I was made aware of free, open-source software at a young age after installing Linux on a laptop as a high school student. From that point on I held the utmost respect for others who chose to provide empowering tools to the masses, at no charge. At times it seems surreal that I now find myself in a position to be involved in that which I have held in such high esteem. As someone who builds tools and tinkers with machines, I aspire to see others become empowered by the fruits of collaboration as I once was, and continue to be.

If it were not for collaboration in the domain of web development, I might never have had the opportunity to be involved in contributing code that would be used by countless other netizens and developers. Fortunately, the software that makes much of the web tick, namely the LAMP stack, is free and publicly accessible. This has benefitted me and nearly every Drupal developer out there, and I couldn't be more excited about the solution stack that I get to develop on.

At Aten Design Group, count on me to express a passion for cooperation and the open-source model of development. Collaborating with an organization that helps support the Drupal commnuity has been a goal of mine for quite some time, and I'm honored to be given an opportunity to see that goal through to fruition.

Whether it's becoming more directly involved in the Denver Boulder Drupal Users Group, demonstrating accumulated knowledge in the form of presentation, actively contributing code to the Drupal codebase, or simply being a familar face in the #drupal-colorado IRC room, I look forward to expanding my skills and my capacity to give. Even better, I get to experience this growth in the company of others who share similar values.

Photo used under Creative Commons license from AmyZZZ1