OK 2020.

Here at Aten one of our core values is being “up for anything.” Sure we’re process nerds, but we value staying flexible, being open to all the possibilities, and finding new ways to add value for our clients. 2020 sure put that to the test.

This holiday season, we’re grateful. This year has made its mark and taken a toll, but we have much to be thankful for.

Our Team

We're grateful for the creativity and resilience of our team.

Way back in March we moved overnight to 100% virtual. The team made new ways to stay connected – from Zoom bingo and #wellness Slack channels to virtual book club and socially distanced running challenges. We're hopeful that very soon we’ll get back to flying out to see each other, in-person team summits, Friday lunches, and happy hours.

To our team: thank you. You’ve taken “up for anything” to a whole new level none of us could have even imagined.

The Agency

The agency is holding strong.

Thanks again to our colleagues, and to our wonderful clients, for a good year – despite the turmoil and unexpected challenges. We’ve created new ways to add value for our clients, from building dedicated accessibility and QA practices to launching a new biweekly webinar series. We added new folks to the team (what a weird first year!) and welcomed back old colleagues.

Our Clients

Our clients are an inspiration.

This year, more than any other, has underscored the profound need for the work of our clients. Human rights champions, journalists, educators, civic institutions, community centers, public policy reformers, activists, conservationists; our clients are an inspiration. It is such an honor to help amplify their work.



There are so many parts to play in how we move through this. We are truly grateful for you. For the role you play. For the sacrifices you’ve made in this most difficult of years. For the prevailing human spirit that will carry us forward. We’re all so clearly connected, and this global community inspires an overwhelming sense of gratitude and hope.

Ok, 2021

OK, 2021!

We’re ready for you. We can’t wait to gather, to meet face-to-face, to do lunch, to travel, to be connected. So bring on the masks, the shots, and the challenging work of pushing through this, together. Let’s do this. This holiday season, we’re wishing you safety and hope, and the very, very best of the new year.