Digital Project Manager

When thinking of the large world of digital, Kacie’s favorite part is overseeing the full life-cycle of a product. Her work experience spans across a variety of industries with equally diverse needs, including e-commerce products, non-profit fundraising efforts and multi-location healthcare clients. With such a strong knowledge base in digital services, she excels in understanding the needs for strategy, design and development tasks. Kacie appreciates the growth that comes with learning new industries and technologies, as well as collaborating with team members to provide creative solutions for clients. Her passion for continued education provides the foundation for gaining new skills, which she does by viewing webinars, taking courses, or just sitting around picking her colleagues’ brains. As a Certified ScrumMaster®, Kacie enjoys bringing Agile to life for her clients!

Outside of working at Aten, Kacie enjoys taking advantage of Colorado’s outdoor playground, including (but certainly not limited to) skiing, rafting, hiking and biking. She also enjoys getting back to her home state of Maryland to visit with family and sail the Chesapeake Bay.

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