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  • Reporting Bugs and Using Chainsaws Effectively

    James Nettik

    Have you ever owned a chainsaw? When I was a teenager, I was helping my dad with something in the garage. I don’t remember what we were working on, but I do remember it was the last thing on Earth I wanted to be doing. Since this was before social media and mobile phones were the distractions they are today, I found myself reading the instruction manual of our chainsaw. While wading through pages of safety disclaimers, I came across one that made me pause.

    “Do not attempt to stop chain with hands.”

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  • Giving Great Feedback

    Roxy Koranda

    Giving feedback is a crucial part of a collaborative creative process, and the amount of thought invested in that feedback can greatly affect the success of a project.

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  • Defining a Technical Architecture Part 2: Automation and Rapid Prototyping

    Clayton Dewey

    A technical architecture document is not only helpful for planning, but can also be used to automate the creation of content types and other site elements. This cuts down on development time, allowing for rapid prototyping. This process plays well into a content first approach to web development and helps the client understand the power of structured content.